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Cannot create duplicate task from an existing most recent full backup in backup exec 2014

Level 2


I am using backup exec 2014. My backup server is windows server 2012.    I am backing up my exchange server usig backup exec.  I have been successfully full and incremental backing up the server.  However, I needed to move my backup to off-site location.  So, I decided to create a duplicate backup from an existing full backup , by which I can assign that backup to a particular tape and then move it to off-site. But the problem I have faced is that out of 3 duplicate backup jobs I have created on this exchange server, two were failed  with an error "Schedule specified for incremental task is invalid".


The steps i created that duplicate task and by which the error was produced is the following:

  1. Edit the job.
  2. Add stage "duplicate to tape".
  3. Selecting media set.
  4. Create without schedule "because I want to run this once and manually"
  5. left everything else as default and then pressed OK.


 I have attached the error message in the attached file.





Level 5

I would just click edit on the main job and look over the schedule, just to make sure everything is ok. There is also a possibility that everything is not completely loaded yet when the job saves. Wait a minute or two and try again.

Thanks for replying.  


Actually, that is what I am doing. I am editing from the main job.  Then I select the media set, (i select "create without schedule" option because I want to run it manually once) but it keeps returning the error i mentioned in the OP. I tried serveral time on different days.  I have no idea why it is behaving this way. 

Can you send me a screen shot of all of your "Schedule" page for that job?

Kindly find the screenshot for that job.