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Cannot obtain settings for the Agent For Windows publishing from the registry

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Hello. Our Backup Exec version 16 is running on a Windows Server 2016. We are unable to upgrade it because we run a software on one server that can only be supported on Windows Server 2003. The Windows 2003 server was suddenly not backing up properly. Restart did not work and I reinstalled the agent.

Now when I try to install it, it does not show up in my backup exec because you need to enable publishing in the Agent on the 2003 server. However, when I try to do that by going to the publishing tab, I get an error message "Cannot obtain settings for the Agent For Windows publishing from the registry". It then goes to the tab but the checkmark is greyed out. I also noticed the Backup Exec Agent for Windows service is stopped. It automatically closes if you try to start it saying it closes it if the service is not in use. 

I have tried both installing the agent manually and pushing from the backup exec server. It installs fine but you cannot enable the publishing. I also tried deleting every backup exec file, folder, and registry key I could find to fully reset it before reinstalling. Other servers work fine. How can i fix this? Please let me know. Thank you.