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Cannot recover files from old Tape Backup on a different server

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We have used BackupExec12. To backup our server. Our server has been reformatted and reinstalled with W2019, and joined to a new domain. I have installed BE21, and try to recover files from an old backup taken with BE12. The new backup server is a member of a different domain now.

I can inventory and catalog the tapes (4 tapes LTO7 tapes using Dell Tape Library). Job history shows that catalog job has been successful. Backup Sets view shows the correct backup source and backup times. However when I get to the recovery part of the tapes, to the window “What files and folders do you want to restore”, I cannot see any details below the drives.  I have the original server name, and its drives in the right pane, but when I click on any of the drives, the selection square stays blank, and nothing happens, the left pain remains empty. When I right click on the drive, I get momentarily “loading..” message, but nothing happens.

Any ideas?Annotation 2020-09-14 144323.pngAnnotation 2020-09-14 144135.png


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I think the issue could be due to the fact that the container added in BE shows up with the new FQDN and when restore is attempted, it connects to old FQDN and since a mismatch exists between this, no sets show up.

Can you workaround the issue by putting the current BE server IP with old hostname and FQDN in hosts file. Then add the old FQDN in BE ( add server). Check if you can see the sets and able to restore from it. ( revert the changes after restore is over if this works)

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In the restore window, have you changed the first date in the "show backups from" field?  By default it is only a month ago and it appears you are trying to restore something from older than that.

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Sorry, I missed that. Yes, the filters need to be set in the backup set date range.

I think you are on the right track. Thank you, definately something is happening now :)

Gurvinder, I have tried that still no go