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Cannot restore EMC VBB backup (any files or folder)

Level 3

I am using Backup Exec 12.5 to backup EMC shares via NDMP.  I had it set on VBB with all the options except silver lining.  I can restore files and folders from other shares but one share Backup Exec will not restore the data.  It gets to a certain byte size, says 100% and then says completed.  However the files were not restored.  My restore settings is to another share on the EMC server.  Another thing with VBB is that all folders that were backed up, do not show up in the restore settings.   


I recently changed from VBB to Dump and that resolved the issues, however the data is on our LTO4 tapes, but I cannot restore any of the data.  I checked the total file size on the backup compared to selecting all folders on the share and doing properties on it.  These two total file size/folders match perfectly.


Any thoughts?





Level 6

Unchecked "Restore Access Control List." in the restore job properties --NDMP tab and run the restore and see if that helps .

Also let the job run for sometime and see if it completes !