Cannot restore sql database from deduplication stroage - no data error reading media


I have problem with restroing one of my databases from deduplication storage using backup exec 2010 R3 SP2.

I backuped sql server (databases: master, model msdb, databasea(10GB), databaseB(30GB), databasec(2TB)) to deduplication stroage.

Now I try to restore this databases, and here i have problem.

I can restore correctly master, model msdb databaseA and databaseB but cannot restore databaseC (2TB).

I get error:

An unknown error occurred on device "B2D_B1_DeDUP1:8". V-79-57344-34023 - No data error reading from media.




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Try duplicating the backup

Try duplicating the backup set to a normal B2D folder and then restoring from the duplicate.

I'm afraid I cannot do this

I'm afraid I cannot do this any more, cause I just find out that one of files was causing the problem,and insted of catalog it I erased it.. :-( Now I cannot restore more than one databse.

I try to clean deduplication storage and configure it one again.

Any way thanks for help.