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Cannot restore to HP Unix using BE9 Rev. 4367

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We have an issue with BE9 rev. 4367 only when restoring to HP UNIX.
We can take a remote backup from a W2K server of the Unix with the BE9 unix
agent installed but can't restore. I always get the error listed below. I went through all the recommended things to try. I heard there was a known issue with this version of BE but I am unable to locate a fix. It is critical to get this to restore.
Is there a fix for this error?

Completed status: Failed

Final error code: a000848c HEX

Final error description: Unable to attach to one of the drives.

Final error category: Resource Errors


Randy Kruse

Level 6

-What is the version of the Unix Machine ?
-Was the backup successful ?

Refer the technote :

"Unable to attach to one of the drives" (a000848c HEX or e000848c HEX) is reported when a job fails

Update us on the same and revert for any further Query
Hope this will help you

Thank you

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