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Capacity Licensing for BUE 2015

We currently use Symantec Backup 2010 / 2014 and purchase licenses on a per agent basis (as needed).  Are company is growing and almost impossible to manage licenses anymore.

I'd like to go the "Capacity Licensing" model, but now sure if our Quantum devices (Deduplication) will work with this type of licensing

Also, does the capacity licensing model still provide licenses for SQL / Oracle agents?


We also have a few sites, which use the DLO option.  Is this also included?


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Re: Capacity Licensing for BUE 2015

Check the document below as it might assist you!


Re: Capacity Licensing for BUE 2015

The licensing guide ( the attachment in ) contains tables on Page 5 that indicate whas is included in the licensing packages for the Lite and standard Capacity Editions.