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Catalog Byte Count of 0

Level 4

I've been searching boards and reading a bit and no one seems to have a solution in any posts I've read. Basically I have a couple old tapes from BE9. I'm running BE12 now and need to restore something off one of the tapes. I inventoried the drive then catalog'd it. It does not faily and says successfully completed, but have a 0 byte count.


It then tells me I need to catalog the media when I try to restore something from the drive afterwards.


Level 4

Also, I did the following and tried again to no luck.


Are you geting any byte count on catalog jobs?

If cataloging is completing successfully with zero byte count , that means its not geting cataloged.

 Go to Tools->Options->settings->catalogs


 Request all media in the sequence for catalog operations

 Use storage media-based catalogs


Level 4

Bump... Still having this problem with no solution as of yet.

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We have the same problem.  We deleted our backup to disk folder in the device tab and recreated it.  Normally you can then inventory and catalog the backup to disk folder.  However, I run catalog and it says its completed successfully in 1 second yet it does nothing.


I tried the above step of unchecking those options under the catalog settings to no avail. 

Level 3

Anyone mind if I bump this thread as I'm having this problem. Its strange though, as the tapes in question all cataloged fine last week. I went to restore data from them yesterday, and it said the tape needed cataloging, not too much of a problem I thought as it was a week ago when they were cataloge with full proper byte counts.


Proceeded to catalog the tapes only to start getting zero byte counts on "successfull" completion. I too tried the suggestion with the tickboxes but to no avail.


Why would it work one week, and then not the next? :S


Any help guys?