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Catalog Job Fails at - First Storage Group

I'am currenlty in site A. I'am trying to do a catalog using tapes from site B (full backup the the month of November (3 tapes) and month of October (3 tapes)).

I'am using the same hardware and software as in site B : same servers, same version of backup exec (11d), same Library Tape, and same LT02 tapes model.

However catalog job always fails with this error message :

Catalog- \\serverXXXXXXXX\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group

An unknown error occurred on device "HP 1". V-79-57344-33991 - A tape read/write error has occurred. This is usually caused by dirty read/write ...

I have clean the tape drive several time, i tried with tapes of november and tapes of october ( 6 tapes in total ) and the catalog job always stoped a the same byte count 2,241,428,234

It seems that the problem is associate to Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group...

- i have unchecked "Request all media in the sequence for catalog operations" unchecked "use storage media-based catalogs" and unchecked "truncate catalgos after"

- i have rebuilt the catalogs (renamed it)

FYI : a catalag media from site A works perfectly (then it is not a hardware problem)

The tapes contain an Exchange server backup + files server backup

Any ideas ?

Thanks for your help