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Catalog folder too large

I noitced the C drive on one of my servers was filling up.  Upon investigation I found my catalog folder is nearly 7GB in size.  It looks to be full of .FH and .XML files dating all the way back to 2013.  I only need to keep about the last 3 months of data for restoring purposes.  Is there a way I can clean these up without moving the catalogs to a different drive?  Thanks

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Re: Catalog folder too large
You can review these sections in above article - 
What are BackupExec catalogs
What are the Contents of the Catalogs folder?
Can Backup Exec Catalog Files be truncated automatically?

Re: Catalog folder too large

Thank you for the link, but that still provided no guidance on how I should go about freeing up space.  It stated in the link you provided that DLM should be doing this, but I thought DLM was not part of 2010.  Please advise.



Re: Catalog folder too large

FH files are needed to restore files from backup set. Since they are there, it means they are required. If there is less room on that drive, move the catalog folder on a drive which has space.

Re: Catalog folder too large

Catalog files for BE 2010 only get removed when either truncate is enabled or when the media they relate to are overwritten/erased. I am not 100% sure what the effect is on the catalog files if you retire and then delete the media within Backup Exec as to whether this would also remove the catalogs.

If you just stop using the media (tapes or disk files) OR delete the media without Backup Exec being aware of the deletion then the catalog files will remain.

The truncate catalog files option will remove the older .FH files (although in earlier versions of BE changing the truncate setting after the catalog files were created would have no effect on existing catalog files and I am not sure which version we enhanced BE so that the truncate applied to all files and not just those created since enabling/changing the setting)

Re: Catalog folder too large

Is there a guide somewhere for moving the catalog in 2010?  I really only need to have the last two months of backups.  Anything after that is a waste for us.

Re: Catalog folder too large


I turned on truncating and set it to two months.  It removed all of the .FH files except for the last 2 months.  I can still see all my backup sets prior to 2 months since the XML files still exist.  However, if I need to restore anything prior to those two months I'll have to run a catalog job to restore the .FH files.  I used the link below as a reference.  Thanks