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Centralised D2D backups using Backup Exec 2012

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me the best practices to backup the following servers to disk please?  I am looking at using a centralised media server running Backup Exec 2012 to back up to a single backup target (a QNAP box).

Servers are as follows :

1 x Exchange 2007 server

2 x application servers

1 x database server (bespoke)

3 x file servers

A total full backup of all is around 1.1TB and this customer would like to retain the data for 6 months on disk.

I am hoping to run weekly full backups on a friday with incremental backups on mon-thurs.  Is anyone out there doing this already and is willing to give any tips or best practices?  I have done this in the past by creating daily, weekly and monthly media sets in Backup Exec - with relevant overwrite periods - but this was with tape media.  Is it the same when backing up to disk? 

I am also trying to estimate how much storage will be needed to do this but it's a little diffcult without knowing compression ratios - what sort of compression  ratios are people seeing out there when backing up to disk?  I know the amount of compression is down to the type of data being backed up but is 1.5:1 a reasonable estimate?

Many thanks

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Hi,   Ideally you will create



Ideally you will create a GFS policy as this is easier to manage, which in turn allows you to create your media sets.

Media sets apply to tape and disk in the same change. ALthough don't append to your B2D, rather overwrite your media.

Compression ratios are also subjective. No 2 installations get the same installation and it depends on what sort of data you're backing up. Data that is already compressed won't compress any further for instance.

Best thing to do is check how much data you will backup and estimate the rate of change on a daily basis to get a better idea.