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Change account for Deduplication disk storage

Please tell me how to change the account deduplitcated storage, I accidentally deleted my account from my account manager Backup Exec 2012, and now my store state constantly offline. I created the account again with the same name, but I can not change it in the properties Dedup. storage. How i can change this?

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Hi, Check the TNs

Hi, Yes, I've read these KB,


Yes, I've read these KB, and reset passwords using spauser.exe -c-u, but I can not change the account deduplication disk storage because it's gray. 
This article describes how to change the account:
Changing the BE Logon Account for a Deduplication Folder
  • Bring up the Properties for the deduplication folder (Right Click the deduplication folder and select Properties from the menu.
  • Click the "..." button to the right of the Logon Account to bring up the BE Logon Accounts dialog.
  • Note the user name associated with the current Logon Account
  • Create a new Logon Account.  Select any Account Name and password that meets your needs.
  • However, the user name field must exactly match the user name from step 3.
  • Select this new Logon Account as the Logon Account for the deduplication folder.
  • If the password is different from the original password see Changing the Deduplication Folder Password
but as I understand it for the BE2010, where in 2012 I find this "Properties for the deduplication folder"???

Would recommend to log a

Would recommend to log a formal support case as there are couple of internal methods to get this back working.

Re: Hi,Yes, I've read these KB,

Please use BEMCLI to change this acccount:

BEMCLI> set-BEDeduplicationDiskStorageDevice -InputObject Deduplicationfolder -LogonAccount DOMAIN\Dedp.Account