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Change default behavior for Backup Exec's CAS server delegation of incremental/differential jobs

Level 3

I'm looking for a way to change the default behavior for the delegation of incremental/differential jobs that is described in Knowledge base article100028698.  The KB article says "by default the Incremental/Differential backup would try to get delegated on the same server where the corresponding full backup had run."

Since the "same server" of often unavailable, I want to be able to change Backup Exec v20.6 default beharior so that incremental/differential jobs are deligated to any available managed BE server.

Thank you very much.


Employee Accredited Certified

No tweaks available for now since that MBES saves the changejournaldata ( when it runs the full backup ) in its local BEDB for the incremental and differential to runs next. This data is not saved on any other MBES and hence the incremental or differential is tied to the server running the full