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Change limit in 11d

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Hi all
I need answer in my problem.
I have about 7 servers with about 50 users, i create a new job and start to check the things i like to back up.
After about 70 changes i can't add nothing to the job (i can to choos but can't save the changes),
if i uncheck somthing else i can replace it with other selection.
So the question is, is there any limit in quantity of changes that i can made in one job?
thanxSmiley Wink

Level 6
Cannot find the symantec url but if you are talking about the selection list limit is hit, try this:
Created a Reg Key: -
HKLM - Software - Symantec - Backup Exec - Server
DWORD - MaxRpcDatablockSize value: FFFFFFFF