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Changing Tape

Level 2

I am Fairly New to Backup Exec. I am using BE 12. I was told that when you replace tapes just doing an inventory would be enough for BE to know its another tape. we have 4 weeks retention policy for used tapes which by the way is only used after the retention period. My issue is that each time  i replace tapes and do inventory, i see after the next backup that the storage on the tape is not cleared instead shows whatever the amount is left after the last time it was used( I am in the opinion thatthe whole storage should be available) so what I do everytime now is that i erase the disk which i think is not the right way.

Am i doing anything wrong or is this the way.Kindly advice



Level 6

To clarify, you are talking tapes, right?  Your last sentance mentioned disks, so i just wanted to be sure we are on the same page.

BE 12 is pretty old, so my memory is hazy.  Generally, yes, all you need to do is an inventory for BE to realize that the tape in the drive has changed.

After the inventory, does the tape in the drive show as being available for overwrite? or is it still protected?

If it is available for overwrite, then presumably the next job should run as an overwrite (i.e. start at the beginning of the tape).  There may have been some capacity display issue in the BE 12 GUI that is confusing things?

If the tape is NOT overwritable, then the next job will presumably run as an append (add to the end), in which case the capacity stuff in the GUI would likely be correct?

Either way, historically the capacity reporting stuff is mostly for you (the admin) benefit.  BE writes to tape until the tape drive itself reports that the tape is full.  This is regardless of what the GUI shows for capacity used and available.

BTW, erasing the freshly inserted tape after the inventory doesn't hurt anything, so other than improving your productivity, it isn't a huge deal.