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Changing the IP of Disk Based Storage

Level 5

Hi All,


I am using Backup Exec 2012 , and I have recently purchased a backup appliance , so as per my configration I have create a SMB share on my appliance and backup exec is writing the data on the SMB share via Disk based storage unit .


But now I want to change the IP of my SMB share , the new IP is also in the same subnet of my backup exec , but I have concern am I able to restore the OLD backup as per I know , backup exec knows that they have written data on that SMB disk unit but now that unit is no longer avilable as I need to delete the old disk storage unit while configuring the new .


I am a newbie to Backup exec , thanks for your feedback


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

You can disable and delete the disk from the Storage view in Backup Exec UI. This disconnects the old iP address. Once done, you create new Storage with the new IP address. Provided it is just an IP change and share name etc. remain the same, Backup Exec would automatically discover the data there.