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Citrix PS 4 Server Backup - Disaster Recovey / Clone

Level 3
We are looking for a solution to backup one of our Citrix PS 4 servers (Windows 2003 and Citrix with assoreted apps) in our FARM so we can restore this server backup if and when one of our servers crash and must be swapped out (Like cloning). What Veritas BAckup Exec solution would work for this strategy? Any recommendations? We currently run BE v 11d with remote agents for our Windows 2003 servers including Exchange and SQL agents. Currently we do not backup any Citrix servers at all.
Any and all help and ideas would be greately appreciated.
TKS, Mike

Level 6
you should look at Backup Exec System Recovery, Acronis True Image Server, or UltraBac DR Gold (to name a few). All can capture live images, and provide true bare-metal restore capability.

Level 3
Ray, thanks for replying. We are looking at Acronis and Altiris. We will add BE system recovery also. Have you used any for server restore / recovery / swap?

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
Hi Mike,

I have used Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) for both server restore operations, as well as server migrations to new hardware. One of the most favorable characteristics of BESR is its ease of use. It is very straight forward and simply to operate, from start to finish.

BESR is a Windows Backup and Recovery Solution (Windows 2000/XP/2003), which takes hot volume images of Windows Server volumes, meaning that the server does not need to be "downed" in order to capture the backups.

A unique feature of BESR is it's Hardware Independant Restore (HIR) capability. When an image of a server is restored to a dissimilar hardware configuration, the HIR feature automatically populates the correct HAL, mass storage controller, operating system kernel, and other key components that are required for the server instance to boot properly on the new hardware configuration. This is all done automatically behind the scenes during the image-restore process.

It's easy to use. Plain and simple. Other solutions claim the same capability, but can't claim the same "easy" factor.