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Clenup folder history\segments

Level 3

On our appliance 3600 not free space on storage, and not run deduplication cleanup procedure.

In folder (Appliance_Dedupe\history\segments) use 150Gb of space.

May be safety cleanup this folder (Appliance_Dedupe\history\segments) ?


Level 5

Hi, please post this under the BE 3600 Appliance forum. They'll probably have better answers for you :)

In appliance forum not answering :(

Support please give me answer, very very need!!

Employee Accredited Certified

The Deduplication Storage in Backup Exec (whether or not an appliance is in use) is a very large relational database and as such deleting any files from with the file system could break it.

If you are running our of space the usually recommendation is identify some backup sets that can be expired(deleted) within the console and expire then and then use the information in to retrieve some space.

If this does not help then the next suggestion is log a formal support case.





Im try you solution, but the question is not resolved.

Every Day in this folder created new file, and It requires space every day.

After use applianse in 2 years, this folder have files on 160 Gb!