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Client Initiated Backup

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We are a small school that has been using Backup Exec for a number of years to backup our Windows servers.  We use roaming profiles so that user data is backed up to the servers.  I now have a staff member using a laptop and taking it home often.  I need to make sure I have a backup of his laptop data daily.

Is there a way to have a the laptop client initiate their backup job on demand rather than scheduling it via the Backup Exec server?  Reason being I never consistently know when the laptop will be on the network.



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Nope, BE doesn't have this feature. NetBackup (NBU) & Desktop & Laptop Option (DLO) does though.

And DLO sounds a better suited than BE for your environment based on what you described.


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You might be abe to have a job setup on hold then you set to run now and then put back on hold with BEMCLI command line processing over remote powershell, however to achieve this you might have to give the user of that laptop more permissiions against your BE server (AD or locallly) than you really want to.


SO I agree with VJware something like DLO to protect both laptops and user workstations might be a a better option. (or give the user a large USB disk and a copy of "Symantec" System Recovery is possibly the other option. )