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Cloud options, or lack thereof

Hello all - I am trying to find a reasonable means of maintaining disaster-recovery copies of our backup sets on Amazon Glacier (or some other cloud provider.)

From what I understand based on other threads, at present there are no Cloud Providers that I can use from within BE 2012.  That feature was one of the things that led me to upgrade to 2012 in the first place so I'm pretty appalled at the current state of things.

So far the best idea I've been able to come up with is duplicating the critical portions of my daily/weekly backups to a spare disk and syncing the .bkf's to the Glacier vault with Cloudberry.  That's pretty far from optimal though - anybody else figure out a better, cost-effective solution (that doesn't involve buying more hardware) aside from replacing BE completely?  

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Hello, Apologies for the


Apologies for the delayed reply. Backup Exec did have Cloud storage integrated with Nirvanix. Since Nirvanix went out of business we haven't had another Cloud storage integration. 

However, I'd want you to refer to the following Symantec Connect Thread in which Colin has mentioned the Quantum Q-Cloud device which should help you achieve the needful. 


...I had an idea for

...I had an idea for something similar which MIGHT be wrth checking out. It's a round-a-bout way of doing things, and may/may not be optimal, but it is worth investigating.