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Communication with the server timed out on the call 'GetOpenStorageLSUs'.

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In Backup Exec 20.4, I am (unsuccessfully) trying to configure storage to a new DataDomain location.

Just for clarity, my process for doing this is:

1. Click the Storage tab.

2. Select Network storage when it asks me which type of storage I want to configure.

3. Select OpenStorage.

4. Name the OpenStorage device. I'm using the same name of the MTree that I configured in my Data Domain. I don't know if it matters that the names match up here. I leave the description field blank.

5. I select DataDomain.

6. In the connection information page, I enter the FQDN of the DataDomain server and select my logon account. The logon account is the DDBoostAdmin that I created on the DataDomain.

After I click next, Backup Exec tries to connect to the Data Domain. It sits on a "Finding storage locations" dialog box for several minutes. After this spins for a while, I get the error shown in the attached screenshot.

Does anyone out there know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

(Disclaimer and more information: I am using the Trial version of BE here. We have licenses but figured we should wait to use them once we get BE stood up on a physical server. But first we need to confirm we can get it to work with the DataDomain. BE is currently installed on a Server 2012 R2 VM.) (Edited for formatting)


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Have you confirmed that forward and reverse name lookup is working between BE media server and DD?
Have you checked if there is a firewall between media server and DD (even OS firewall)?

You may want to double-check the DD manual to see if any steps may have been missed (I'm not sure if this is the latest, but everything should be relevant) :


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If the device is behind firewall as Marianne implied, then ports has to be opened accordingly. You can get the ports by logging in to respective websites.

I had the same problem even after doing the basic things required. In the Backup Exec server, I added the Data domain server IP and hostname in Drivers-> Hosts file and gave exact FQDN while configuring. It worked now thanks to Marianne.