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Complete DR Test, Server not trusted error ...

Level 2

Hi folks, 

I am testing a complete DR failure scenario at the moment and am having trouble restoring a number of virtual machines backed up by BackupExec.  

We have a full backup fo the virtaul centre server and its virtual machines, I have catalogued the backup media and can see the machines but every time I enter the credentials to restore the machine I get an error stating 'server not trusted' 

The restore machine is a workgroup server (Tried with both the original name of the previous backup exec server and also a completely different name) all our servers are virtual machines thus I can't restore the domain and the backup server.  This scenario assumed a complete loss of all hardware, thus a restoration onto new servers different to the originals ... 

How would I get round this? 




Level 4

On the Backup and Restore tab right click on the server and click establish trust.

See if that helps


You also might have to double click on the server. Go into Credentials and select or create a new account.

Hi Steve, 

Tab is greyed out on the server in question ... 


Also bear in mind that the only Windows server contactable is the backup exec server.  I have two ESX servers waiting to receive the recovered VMs but the rest of the environment is down.  Obviously this is simulating a complete failure of all servers ... 


Ah, im not familiar with VMware. One presumes you have to push the remote agent out  to the VMware hosts just like you do with windows servers ?



Hi Steve, 

I'm not even getting to the restore stage, I can see the machines I have restore but cannot see the files as the credentials I specified fail.  I've tried the backup exec credentials which appear to fail as it says 'server not trusted' 

Would this be the backup exec server that is not trusted? Or is this the machine I am restoring .... If it's the backup server I can't push the client to it as the trust server option is greyed out. 

Thanks all, 


I beleive its the VM hosts that are not trusted. You will not be able to establish trust unless the Agent has been installed on the VM Host. At least i think this is how the windows servers work.

You will need to provide credentials for the VM hosts so you can push the agent to them from installation and licensing -> Install agents.

I may be barking up the wrong tree as i have no knowledge of how ESX interacts with BE.