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Completed with exceptions: system volume information

We have BE 2012 running on Windows 2008 R2 server.

We are backing up 5 volumes located on the server. 4 of them are LUNs from P2000 g3 SAS, directly connected via SCSI cable. System seems them as DAS disks.

D: Local volume (4 RAID5 disks)

Shadows copies have been enabled on all volumes.I can browse/restore data . I have plenty free space left. I have limit set as well and it is far away of reaching it.

Now for no particular reasons Backup Exec 2012 completed with exception for P: I: volumes with the following warning:

 - Snapshot Technology: Initialization failure on: "\\xxxxx-xxx\P:". Snapshot technology used: Micro...
V-79-10000-11242 - VSS Snapshot error. Out of disk space, or could not find an NTFS volume while cre...

That what happens when I backup to tape (LTO5 via HP Utrium 3000).

When destination is HDD, I can see the following (exception for I and P):

 Unable to open the item \\XXXXXX-XXX\I:\System Volume Information\{573950ac-d772-11e2-905b-984be107e...

Unable to open the item \\XXXXXX-XXX\I:\System Volume Information\{58fa8a79-d38e-11e2-9f73-984be107e...

Unable to open the item \\XXXXXX-XXX\I:\System Volume Information\{753d8583-d9c7-11e2-94dc-984be107e...

Unable to open the item \\XXXXXX-XXX\I:\System Volume Information\{753d8dd8-d9c7-11e2-94dc-984be107e...

Unable to open the item \\XXXXXX-XXX\I:\System Volume Information\{8a2652dd-d88f-11e2-905b-984be107e...

Unable to open the item \\XXXXXX-XXX\I:\System Volume Information\{a89b127f-d51e-11e2-905b-984be107e...

Volume E: (which is the LUN from the same P2000 box) is OK. All volumes have this folder in the root. That’s OK, that’s how MSS/VSS works. And that’s where shadow copies are held.

So what’s wrong then?! It is definitely not P2000 box that cause the problem as E volume is OK. (I tried hardware provider (HP) for VSS as well btw, without any results.)

Any ideas ? Thanks

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Any help ?

Any help ?