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Compressing backup data

Level 2
I have Backup Exec Version 8.60 Rev 3878 on a Windows 2000 machine. The backup has exceed 20gb on the tape... but if i compress the data i can fit in on the backup tape.

I chose the Compression option on the advanced tab on the Job properties... but this didnt seem to work

I dont know what to do.
Thanks!! Niamh

Level 6
Try searching this forum or the '8.x' forum for 'compression' maybe you find some answers there.

Compression al depends on the type of data you want to compress. Word documents you can compress, avi or mpegs not. If you combine them there is now way of telling if it fits on a tape. Just try it out. If you regulary run out of space you might consider to use bigger tapes. (if your tapeunit can handle them, otherwise you wil needl a new tapeunit also)

A van der Boom

Level 6
Your drive is a 40GB drive, and the media is rated at 20/40 right?

Do you get any more than 20GB at all?
have you tried software compression only?
From the devices tab, right click the drive\properties
is "enable hardware compression" checked?

Level 2
Hi Ken,

It is a 20gb/40gb native/compressed 4 mm data tape.
The data i want to backup is 24gb.

The drive backs up approx 20gb.
I tried software and hardware compression to no avail.

"Enable hardware compression" is enabled.
Block size per device 8k Buffer count 10
Buffer size per device 32k High water count 7
Does this sound ok??

Thanks a million

Level 6

Since this post is with Backup Exec v8.6 Rev 3878, I am moving it to Backup Exec v8.6 UNMODERATED FORUM.