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Configure BE2012 to use Library Mailslot during Jobs

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Hello all.

We have BE2012 with HP MSL2024 attached Library.

We use as Company Regulation to backup NDMP storage (approx 47 TB) to 24 Tapes during the week and send offsite.

We don't have Mailslot configured in Library yet.

During the NDMP Running job BE requests to insert more tapes.

I can't inventory during the "Queued" fob and can't specify BE to see the inserted Tape.

What should be done in BE to use the "Mailslot" to insert more Tapes during the Job.


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Mailslot is to be enabled from the library itself.

When it is enabled and when a tape is required, an alert appears to import a tape. Read the Admin Guide on how to import/export tapes.

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