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Configure Storage option is disabled

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I'm trying to add a new NAS to my Backup Exec 15 server. On the "Storage" page, the "Configure Backup" button is disabled, and it is also disabled on the right-click context menu on that page. 

What would cause it to be disabled? What are some things I should check for so that it will let me add a new storage drive?



I assume you mean "Configure Storage", not "Configure Backup".

Typically "Configure Storage" is unavailable right after the Backup Exec services are started, that can range from a few seconds to a few minutes depending upon your environment.  Do you see a "discovering devices" banner just below "All Storage" title bar?  You may try pressing F5 to either see the "discovering devices" banner or to un-gray the "Configure Storage" option.  While BE is "discovering devices", the "configure storage" option is grayed out.

Is this a new installation of BE?

The next step would be to view the adamm.log to check on device discovery.  Feel free to post it here.

BTW, I am assuming that you want to backup TO your NAS since you are trying to configure storage.  If you NAS supports iSCSI, you might find that a better option than CIFS.


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I am hoping the console loaded fine. Just ensure there isnt any problems reported when the console was opened. If there is a problem then an exclaimation mark inside a triangle symbol shows up in bottom left hang corner of the console.

And as Larry says, the configure storage lits up post the device discovery is completed so in case the console is in discoverying devices state then wait a bit and then try again when that message disappears.

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A restart of Backup Exec Services after configuring storage will do also to be able to use your NAS. Please do mind that you must schedule it prior to existing jobs you have (If you had job policies created already) to avoid downtime. If it's a fresh install, nevermind, go into it.