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Configuring BES 2012 CASO architecture

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Hi all,

I try to deploy Backup Exec 2012 in CASO architecture but i dont success to realise my goal.

In DC, i have a BES server (Windows 2008 R2) as Managed server with a storage OST and a NAS server as client (Windows 2008 R2).

In Second Site, i have BES Server (Windows 2008 R2) as CAS with an OST Storage and a robotic library.

My goal is configuring a backup job that save data from NAS Server to OST Storage in DC that will be replicated to OST Storage in the second site and duplicated to tape in the robotic library. I can't do this !!!

In the first scenari, i configure the job from the CAS server :

- The job is executed from the CAS server causing bandwidth saturation due to failure of the direct access from the NAS server to th OST Storage in DC and due to failing to execut the job from the Managed Server IN DC

In the second scenari, i configure the job from the managed server :

- The job is executed without direct Access and the managed server is unable to duplicate to robotic library that is linked to CAS server only.


Can anyone help me to achieve my goal.



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For current version of BE 2012, choosing "Any Backup Exec server" will allow you to select the Robotic Library and the duplicate will be sent to the CASO server.

However, would recommend to upgrade to BE 2014 instead.

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You should run the job which backup from the NAS to the OST on the MMS.  This job should have a stage to duplicate the backup set from the OST on the MMS to the OST on the CAS.  This is called optimised duplication and it will only send the changed data chunks over the wire, thus minimising the bandwidth required.  You can then use the CAS to duplicate the backup set to tape.