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Configuring Storage in a large scale deployment

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Hi Everybody,
I have some questions regarding a large scale deployment using Veritas Backup Exec. Let me try and explain our design first.
We are proposing a 3 tiered architecture in our design with Central Administration server (CAS) at tier 1 (Head quarter), managed backup exec servers at tier 2 (city main-office), and agents at tier 3.
Each Managed backup exec server site (City Main Office) will have it's own Local network + some sub-sites (sub offices within the same city but far away) connected via a Poor bandwidth WAN connection as shown below-

I have a few questions regarding this setup due to the WAN bandwidth constraints-

1) Can a local network attached NAS at sub-site 'n' be used to store backup data from Agent 'n'?
2) Can a locally agent 'n' attached hard drive or iSCSI drive be used to store backup data from that particular agent 'n' ?
3) If I choose to process the backup data on the server instead of the agent (Advanced disk-based backup feature) using the Off-host backup option, will the entire data be sent to server 1st via the network for processing, and then sent to whatever configured storage node?


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For BE, the data will always flow from the source to the BE Server and then to the destination.  The only exception is client-side dedup in which case the data goes from the source to the dedup folder directly.

Off-host backups is quite restrictive, so read its requirements carefully.

Thank you. I guess we'll have to go back to the drawing board now.
btw, is there any way to configure an agent to send the processed backup data directly to a locally attached storage instead of the backup server?

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Unfortunately, no