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Connect with Symantec and Earn Rewards!

Solve problems, share knowledge, and earn rewards!

By connecting with your LinkedIn profile and completing a 3 question survey, we'll get to know more about your unique interests to ensure we provide the solutions, technical knowledge, and product ideas most important to you.

As our way of saying "thanks" for taking the time to give us your feedback, from now until the end of the year, we'll give you 100 points towards the Symantec Connect Rewards Program in return!   Just click here: to get started.

If you don't have a LinkedIn Profile or would prefer not to connect via LinkedIn, you will be given the option to "Skip"  and you'll be taken straight to the survey.

Thank you for helping us continue to improve your Connect experience. 


Is it for every users?

Symantec, just one thing, where are my points? I did this last week and have not seen any changes to my profile!


join any user

Looks great. Its a nice way to integrate and get the word out about the points program.

I did not got the points Smiley Sad



To be honest, I would be really surprised if Symantec employees did get Connect Points, but I am glad to be corrected!

Kindest regards,


Dear All,

I did not get any points yet, either. I messaged the author of the post asked about this. A L Johnson said that it is not an automatic process (as it sounds) and the points are added manually, so we need to be patient.

I did also suggest that the pages be changed to indicate that the points will be applied after a number of days.

Kindest regards,


Hi all,

Thank you for your questions and comments.  The points will take longer with this process than normal Connect postings, and you should see these by the end of this week (Dec. 12) if you have already done this registration process.

Unfortunately no, the points will not be awarded to Symantec employees as we already have their information.

Thank you so much and please let me know if there are more questions!


Amy Johnson

I did't get the points.

...I got mine, so if you follow Amy's advice above, it might just be taking a bit longer.


Yes, I got mine, too! Thanks Symantec!

I have got mine point. ThanksSmiley Happy

I have submitted,,now waiting for 100 points 

when its expected?


Members,  points aside this is a good method to bring awareness to the usefulness of the forum. While the knowledgebase has many articles and detailed instructions on the usage of the products Symantec offers to their clients, this forum is interactive and allows for the staff, Partners and end users to mingle interactively.

I applaud the education endeavours of the Community Management to bring awareness to the articles and forums format for the benefit of all us members who can share our knowledge and understanding with each other.

thank you


...I think it should simply be a case of wait instead of immediately asking where the points are!

Don't bite the hand that feeds, so to speak. Understand why it's being done, and the points will come.


Well said.

I filled the survey but have not got 100 points yet Smiley Sad

They might take a while to come, depending on when you did the survey, you may/may not have it already.

Don't forget that it is also Christmas, and national holidays. So...try being patient! It's only 100 points. See it for the greater good it's doing too.


I'm assuming this is no longer valid as the link doesn't work.   Just getting back from vacation and would like to take this.

Hi all,

The link should still work, I just tested it and was able to connect.  Please let me know if you are still having issues.  And also, we are just back from holidays in the US and will be working on points this week - thank you for your patience.



Amy J


Thanks i got my points 100 today


Took the quiz and never received points.  Did mine not go through?

I have not recieved..