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Copy Backups files..

I am using Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2 to backup jobs ( Weekend full backups & Daily Diff Backups ).  These backups directley saved on NAS storage.

I want to copy Weekend full backup set to exiernal USB drive on next working day usually on Mondays, is there any way to do this task using Symantec Backup ? 


If I use windows task mgr & copy command to do this job can I restore data on this USB device & how ?

Please help me

Thank You in advance....







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You should create a duplicate

You should create a duplicate job to run to a B2D devise (the usb). Make a Backup-to-Disk folder on your usb device and then create a duplicate job to duplicate the full backup set to the b2d folder.



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Hi Imosla, Thank you for your

Hi Imosla,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I go through the steps in TECH24544 & according to the Figure 3 (I Select Duplicate backup sets following a job (Figure 3), and then click OK) . I received following error msg (please see the attached screen shot)

" To duplicate backup sets following a job, the backup job must be scheduled to run and must not be associated with any other duplicate backup set jobs. Currently, there are no jobs that meet this criteria."

But I created already created weekend full back job & it works fine for years ... what is the reason behind this error.


Thank You,



See this document for the

See this document for the reasons why you should not copy the contents of a B2D folder.

When you run a manual duplication job, you can only duplicate backup sets from jobs which have already ran.  You cannot manually duplicate backup sets from a job that has yet to be run.

If you want to automatically duplicate the backup sets from your weekend full backup, then you need to use a policy with a backup template and a duplicate template linked to the duplicate template.  See this document

Hello SanW,     Go to the

Hello SanW,

    Go to the Policy in which this job is created. You should be able to create the duplicate job in that policy.