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Correct driver configuration

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Hi all,

If using BackupExec on an HP server as a broker for Netapp NDMP to Quantum autoloader/tape drives which drivers should I be seeing in Device Manager?

My understanding is that the medium changer should be showing Unknown Medium Changer with a Microsoft driver.

However my tape drives show they HP LTO 5 Ultrium with an HP driver which I believe may be incorrect.  Upon attempting to change them I pointed device manager to X:\Program Files\Symantec\BackupExec\ but device manager says the HP drivers are "superior".

Should I uninstall the HP drivers then retry or is my setup optimal?  What do others see for a similar scenario with fibre channel NDMP from Netapp?



In my opinion, your medium changer is correct.

I would remove the HP LTO5 tape driver.  You do this by removing and deleting the HP driver. You must delete them, or they might get reinstalled at some point in the future without your knowledge.  The desired Microsoft driver will bind "by magic" as it doesn't explicitly get installed like the HP driver gets installed.  Your tape drive properties in Windows Device Manager will show the Microsoft driver details, as your unknown medium changer does.