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Could not connect

Level 2

Just installed Veritas Backup Exec.

All services are running.

I get the following error:



I included the other screens to give context and you can see the services are running. It is a desktop (Win10pro) as opposed to a server but I don't know what I am doing wrong.

The account is an admin account and the error is not helpful.


  • This is a local install
  • Backup Exec v20
  • Windows 10 Pro


  • Purpose: to restore old Backup Exec v10 and 12 tapes.

It suggests that the connection was refused... I know the account works that said it is looking for domain\username. I just used username or pc\username (pc, in this case, is DESKTOP-PUN0N9K).

Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

Kind regards,








Windows 10 is not a supported operating system for a media server.  You need a server class opearting system to run a media server.

Please see the SCL at

Interesting... you would have thought the [pre-installation] environment check (program) would have picked this up. It a simple check during the install to check if it is a server OS.

Larry, please accept this reply as a point of clarification but I am sorry to say that it does appear to be supported. The screen capture below is from the link you provided above. The key is that it needs to be a 64bit O/S, which mine is:

image.pngI should add that I saw no entry specific for a "media server", only an entry for "Backup Exec Server Operating System Compatibility". I should also add that if it were not unsupported then it is unlikely to have installed successfully.

An unsupported platform is unlikely to manifest itself as a login failure. You would have thought that they would have captured this earlier in the installation process rather than to intercept an O/S compatibility mismatch and pose it as a login failure?

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I see the screenshot that all services are running but can you please verify one more time by going into the services panel (services.msc). You can also do a netstat -an to check which process is using this port 50104 . If its backupexecmanagementservice.exe , then its fine.

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When looking at the compability list, make sure you know which section you are in as I suspect you pasted that table from the "Agent Operating System Compatibility" section and not the "Backup Exec Sever Operating System Compatibility" section