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Creating a SDR disc with network drivers

We are trying to recover a virtual machine using the SDR option with the boot CD. I'm in the process of creating the disc but wanted to know if I need to add special network drivers for VMware and if I do, where do I get those drivers?

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1) If you are backing up VMs

1) If you are backing up VMs using AVVI then you don't use the SDR disk to restore

2) if you are backing up physical systems intending to restore them into a VM then why don't you try the P2V or B2V (Physical to Virtual / Backup to Virtual) options - which again would not need the SDR disk

3) Have you tried botting a VM off the ISO for the SDR disk to see if you can detect network cards in the SDR envioronment as the E1000 NIC drives are probably a default standard so no special drivesr needed