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Credentials Fail for MS SQL Server Backup

Hi All,

I've just taken over a backup exec 2012 server and my main issue at the moment is that the person that set up the SQL backup, just did it as a file backup only - and had de-selected the MS SQL Server Instances.

I've tried adding them to the backup, but the windows logon account credentials that I am using fail in the test credentials screen

I can log in to the SQL server using the same credentials, and the user has the server roles of serveradmin and sysadmin assigned to them.


What am I missing?





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Hi, Make sure you have all of

Hi, Make sure you have all of the BE Live updates installed and pushed out to your remote servers?  

also see





Hi,   THe TN below outlines



THe TN below outlines what permissions are required for the BESA to backup specific resources...check for SQL and make sure your BESA has the necessary rights:



Hello, I have run Live


I have run Live Update, and the server is upto date, the agent is reporting that it is up to date too.

I have tried creating the backup as domain administrator and still have the same issue.

While creating the backup job, under test credentials, I expand the SQL Server Instances and hit the Test all.

The drives, and the system state are ok - but the Individual SQL Instances fail.


On the SQL server, I can log in as the same user, open SQL Management Studio, connect to each database, and see that the user has both the serveradmin and sysadmin role assigned.


Exclude all of the databases

Exclude all of the databases from an AV scan.  Try running the job and see if it is successful or report back with any errors.


Hello Azeronti, please add

Hello Azeronti,

please add the account to dbowner and dbcreator databse roles, make sure remote agent service on SQL server is running under LSA,

once you add the user DBowner and DBcreator, roles please restart the backup exec services on media and remote server

try to browse it and lt us know if this works for you.