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Credentials problem with SharePoint

Level 3

I have a SharePoint 2013 server that backs up just fine under DocAve using credentials that have admin access to both the server and the database.   When I try to back it up under BE15, the job cannot authenticate with the Configuration database when I try a SharePoint farm backup even though it connects with the other SharePoint databases.   The agent is up to date.   The standard backup as a file server works though.


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

In addition to being the server admin account, is this account a Sharepoint Farm Admin & a Sharepoint Site Collection Admin ? Does it also have db_owner role in SQL ?


Yes, it has farm admin access and db_owner in SQL.   Its quite a curious problem I've analyzed the SQL and windows logs to no avail as to why it happens.   I do notice when I'm editing the job and I drill down into the Sharepoint resources eventually It will give me an authentication error and ask to try with another account, even though I know it has full access.  DocAve breezes through the backups with no issues whatsoever.