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Creentials fail for vCenter

Level 4

I am trying to backup VMs associated to an vCenter 6.5

To access vCenter I have taken an account for "administrator@vsphere.local". This works when testing.

But it does not work for the VMs I have chosen for backup. The job fails due to wrong credentials. While testing the credentials this fails for every VM but works for vCenter

Are there any hints to solve this problem?


Employee Accredited Certified

When you setup the job you can define specific credentials for the Vms to cover the GRT components - and these woud have to be something inside the domain of the VMs themselves and not the vsphere.local domain


Other option is to  confgure vCenter so that in additioan to the vsphere.local domain it also can use the credentails of the domain the VM's reside in and then configure the whole job for an admin within domain