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Custom NDMP Port - Backup Exec 20.4

Level 3

This is for Backup Exec 20.4 running on Windows 2019 Server. 

We need to backup a couple Linux clients at a site where port 10000 is already in use by some proprietary software. We had no issues changing it on the Linux host in /etc/services - the service started up fine and we can confirm connectivity with both Telnet from another Unix host and with 'Test-NetConnection' in Powershell on the Backup Exec server. Both show the port is opening and receiving requests, but I can't seem to get Backup Exec to discover the server. There is no Firewall between these two hosts, plus the TCP connections on that port work fine. 

We picked port 55555 just at random as it's not used and won't likely be used. 

From what I found so far, this is the 'control port' to establish the initial connection. Is there a setting that needs changed in Backup Exec to allow for the initial control connection over a custom port?