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Custom Reports

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I have tried to create a report that displays detailed information about my selectionlists

I would like this to make a domunentation what I backup on my servers.

I know it can be done in custom reports, but I'm not so good at sql scripts

Does anyone created a script like that?


Level 6
There are two ways to "export" the selection lists.
1) Very basic is to edit the job if the "Job Summary" page is still switched on, click on OK, copy the selections listed and paste into notepad or similar.
2) Much more powerful is to use Excel and external data sources to "export" the contents of selection lists from each of our 3 Backup Exec 10d servers.
You need to have SQL database ODBC drivers.
Click on Data, Import External Data, New Database Query, New Data Source, OK.
Name your datasource (the name of the backup server is helpful), select the SQL Server driver, Click on Connect, SERVER\BKUPEXEC, leave "Use Trusted Connection", Click "Options", Database=BEDB, Click on OK, Click on OK, Click on OK, Choose the view "vwScriptPropertiesBackup", Click on OK, Choose the columns "ScriptName, ScriptDescription, DeviceSelectionName, PathName and FileName", Click on Next, Click on Next unless you want to filter your data, Click on Next unless you want to sort your data, Click the "Return data to Microsoft Excel" radio button and Click on Finish, Click on OK to Import the data.
You can now choose to sort by ScriptName and DeviceSelectionName.

Level 6

Also try this

You can export to a text file using bemcmd -o507 -j"job name" > filename.txt