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DC Backup and Exchange 2007 Question

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Yet another Exchange 2007 question...indirectly.

As we all know, Exchange 2007 is heavily integrated with the Active Directory. I have a new server in a test deployment that I'm backing-up as part of my server backups.

Here's the problem I've encountered. When the backup job goes to backup the DC / GC server, no clients can connect to Exchange nor do the receive connectors function. This only occurs while the backup is running on the DC / GC server. After the backup is over, clients can connect and e-mail can be received.

I have remote agents and AOFO installed on all servers including Exchange. The event viewer logs no errors on the Exchange server.

Anybody have any ideas?

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I debated as to if I should post a reply to your post since many times readers don't reply to posts that already have replies but I felt I needed to make certain that it is understood that Exchange 2007 is not supported at this time. While some aspects of it may work, there is no intended support or functionality. There will be a release of BE that will support Exchange 2007 in the not too distant future but for the time being any operations, suggestions, recommendations, etc...on how to backup and restore Exchange 2007 may not be applicable when the version of BE that supports Exchange 2007 is actually released.