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DEDUP - DISK - Instant Recovery

Level 4

I will back up Server01 and store it in DEDUP. But I will need that Server01 can use Instant Recovery, after backing up to DEDUP, okay to duplicate to disk?
Or better to do on disk and then replicate to DEDUP?

Would you also recommend this scenario?

DEDUP will have one year retention.
Instant Recovery will be retained for one week.

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Level 6
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Using dedupe means that redundant data is eliminated and compressed. When duplicating to a normal B2D store, it will rehydrate the data and take a long time to do this.

It might be best to test backing up to the B2D first and then duplicating to the dedupe folder. It also means the VM isn't rehydrated if you are using Instant Recovery.

Run a test and compare the results.



I will, thank you very much for the answer. When you get the result, put it here.

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