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DELL TL2000 Fibre Chanel & Backup Exec 12.5 Installation

Level 2

Do you have to have a fibre channel switch for this configuration or can you connect the TL2000 to the host server directly with fiber? Is there some documentation on this setup? The card in the server is an older PCI-X fibre channel card that is 4Gbps (Dell 1850 Server) and the one in the tape library--the newer one--has 8Gbps capability. Any information on this setup would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.




Level 6

Yes this is possible.  You'll probably have to do two things right off the bat.


1.  hard fix the speed of the ports to 4Gbps

2.  There is possibly a setting within the library interface for port mapping that may have to be altered.  It's name could be a myriad of things, but as you make a change, you can probably right click within the device manager to get it to detect any hardware changes till you get it right.

This is probably best asked via Dell's support as they'll have a specialist that'll know exactly what needs to be changed.