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DLO Administrator Console cannot find media server (BE12)

Level 3
Hi there,
I'm currently having an issue trying to connect to the DLO Administration console.  I login via the DLO Admin console on the machine it was installed on (called eris), and it prompts me for a login prompt.  I proceed to fill out the details as follow:
Server: Eris
Username: [domain admin username]
Password: [domain admin password]
Domain: [Local domain]
The Admin console then sits there, and returns a message "Unable to connect to media server".  I've checked and restarted the DLO services, rebooted the machine several times, and have not had any success in connecting to the DLO service.  I've gone as far as uninstall the DLO Option and reinstall it with no success.
The version of Backup Exec 12 is installed on Windows Server 2008, since we have a license, and BE12 is supposed to support Server 2008.   It was fresh installed out of the box (i.e. no upgrade from 11d).
If anyone has any suggestions, I'd welcome them.
Gene Tang

Level 3
Hi Gene,
I had the same issue. I solved it by runnning install - removing reg. number for DLO and then again install - adding  reg. number.
I had the issue both on upgraded and new installations of BE 12.
So my advice for workaround is to install BE without DLO and add DLO later.
After deinstall/install on one of my servers, DLO items in BE console remain shadow - unaccesible. I have to run it directly: C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\DLO\DLOConsoleu.exe .
Jiri Kvarda

Level 3

Thank you for the solution provided. It worked like you said and now my DLO option is grayed out in the menu. Is there any way to enable the option from menu bar again? It's a pain to go through explorer everytime I have to access DLO option.

Level 3
I had the same issue after reinstalling DLO.  The menu item within B/E was greyed out so I created a shortcut on the Server desktop to the file:
"C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\DLO\DLOConsoleu.exe"
Now I can just start the DLO console directly from the desktop and not have to start the B/E console.

Level 3
Techneeks to the rescue again! Thanks a lot! Smiley Very Happy

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Partner Accredited
I too am having this issue, unfortunately uninstalling and reinstalling the DLO option did not help. I can launch the DLOConsole manually outside of BackupExec but it can not connect to the database. In the Event Viewer / Application Log I see that it lists Starting up database 'BE_DLO' so it would seem that the database is available but not accessable. Thanks for your help.

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We are having the same issue. We are only using the default 5 licenses that came with the BE 12 install, and do not have a seperate registration number, so this solution does not apply to us (unless I am not understanding the instructions given in the post).

Level 4

We have this issue also with the 5 user default and I have contacted support.  Their fix is a complete removal and reinstall of BackupExec 12.5.  We removed DLO from the installation and now I can't re-install it due to a path error.


Support told me that if I want to back up Windows XP systems the best way to do that is to install the remote agent on an XP system and back it up that way.  They told me there is no additional licenses required to install the remote agent on Windows desktop PCs.  I'm going to try that for now.

Level 3
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Wow, that's quality support. "We built this feature into the product, but don't expect us to support it!" Unbelievable.

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Employee Accredited Certified
I have only seen thae original admin console login problem when the SQL instance for the DLO database is not the default BKUPEXEC SQL Express One (i.e. you have installed to a remote SQL instance or a Full version of SQL installed on the Media server) - it would perhaps be useful to know if this is true for other posters or whether you are using the default SQL instance.

It is a while seen i have seen it and I believe I solved it by making sure the security and protocols enabled on the SQL instance were all vcorrect for BE and DLO.