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DLO Agent Uninstall

We had an older version of Backup Exec (12.5 I believe) that we no longer use.  Some of the clients that were using the DLO agent to be backed up still have it installed.  We decommissioned the server running the main BE software some time ago.  Without the server the install point for the DLO agent is no longer there.  How can we uninstall the agent from the clients without having to reinstall BE on a server and setup our enviroment again?  When I try to uninstall from a client it is asking for the DLO agent .msi file.  Can that file be downloaded or can I get it off one of the 12.5 DVDs?

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Re: DLO Agent Uninstall


Can you please confirm what MSI file the uninstall is asking for ? It may be possible to  extract that from the 12.5 installation DVD (will likely be inside one of the CAB files) but I would need to check.


Re: DLO Agent Uninstall

The file being requested is Symantec Backup Exec Desktop Agent.msi.

Re: DLO Agent Uninstall

I have private messaged you about my findings