DLO Licensing Query

My client wants to know if they are rolloing out the DLO license has does the central server monitor the number of licenses and how does this control if a remote laptop gets backed up. Say we have 200 licenses and there happens to be 201 users logged in will it backup all 201 or will it get to the 200th user and then stop.


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Re: DLO Licensing Query

Good question coz I'm just reviewing our licenses compliance

anyway I checked on our Symantec BE Server-->Symantec Desktop and Laptop Option for BE

Overview Tab-->Server Summary

Shows Nr of users=160

Nr of computers configured=205


We purchased 120 Licenses but due to high fluctuation we apparently have not deleted unused accounts etc but notheless seems like we need to get some more licenses. So far DLO runs on all users/computers with no lic issue.