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DLO agent with Outlook PST pain


I could really use some guidance with the DLO agent if anyone out there has experience with it.


I am testing the DLO agent ahead of deploying it to 100 laptop users.

These users connect over slow WAN links and each have one or more Outlook PST files, typically 4 to 8GB.

The incremental backup of PST file option works but it appears to saturate the WAN link despite bandwidth throttling settings.  

Backing up the PST file while Outlook is closed is not really an option as the users (along with everyone else on the planet) use Outlook constantly.



Thanks in advance (points to follow)




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Best option would be to

Best option would be to backup to local user data folder (LUDF) and then replicate to (NUDF)

Also you can restrict the use of the bandwidth ..

I quiet dont remember where we set that may be in the proerties of the profile in the general tab


Just to put in better

Just to put in better words

Backup Exec Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) has Limit bandwidth setting to control a network transfer rate at which data is sent to the network user data folder.

refer the following document


Sadly that does not help with Incremental backup of PST

Incremental backup of PST goes directly to the Network User Data Folder.

Is anyone out there actually using DLO with PST files?