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DLO and DataDomain

Can DataDomain be a target for DLO backups ?

If Yes, are there any features which will not work ?

If No, then... back to the drawing board.

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CIFS is supported for DLO storage

CIFS is supported for DLO storage, but it is used as CIFS storage - not OST storage.
DLO is independent product, and does not use OST plug-in on DLO environment.

# Please correct if I have wrong understanding...

it would work. OST support

it would work. OST support is not needed. Just make sure not to compress or encrypt the DLO data prior to landing on the DD device.

You may review following

You may review following technote for more information : (Configuring a remote Windows share or NAS device for DLO Storage Locations using non-administrator case)

Hope this helps.