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DLO consuming 98+ % of processor time

Level 3
I have a user who's DLO install is constantly hovering around 90% cpu time. It makes his machine useless for anything else.

This particular user has a LOT of data- 40+ gigs, and they have DLO set to run in the evenings, rather than constantly.

What could be causing it to consume so much cpu time when it's not supposed to be 'running' at all?

Level 6
Initially, you may apply Service Pack 2 to the Backup Exec installation using the following link

Once the service pack has been applied, uninstall the DLO agent on the user's system and re-install it

Level 3
Thanks for your answer. It leads me to another question, however...

if I have to reinstall the DLO agent on all the client machines, will they have to do the initial push to the network storage location again, or is there some way to preseve this as long as the sql instance on the server remains intact?

I don't think some of my users would be too happy about having to push their 40+ gigs of data to the server all over again.

Level 6
It is not required to transfer the data to Network folder. You will just have to uninstall and re-install DLO agent on all the client machine. All the data present would be very much secured.

We hope this helps.