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DLO creates a directory too long to delete or back up

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When our IT person moved my local user data folder from my C: drive (small SSD) to a larger disk in my system, DLO created an unbelievably long directory structure that cannot be deleted or backed up with other backup software:


The directory path appears to be recursive (infinite) because if you rename the folders to shorter names, the path grows even longer to fill the maximum lenght allowed:


I haven't found a way to delete this bugus directory and it has propagated to the other drive in my system. This appears to be quite a nasty bug in DLO, but Support from Symantec is the worst of any company I have ever seen and I haven't been able to get any help from them.

Thanks in advance,



Employee Accredited Certified

Hi there


I spoke to a senior DLO support contact and he had never seen your condition before as such:

If you want us  to look into why this happend (or perhaps why this is still happening) then you will need a formal support case and if you are not getting an acceptable response against your support case then ask for an escalation via the Duty Manager.

If you just want to delete the folder than you may have to speak to Microsoft about how to do it, as although DLO created it, it is something to do with the file or operating system that is stopping it being deleted.