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DLO error user account name change

We changed a users Active Directory account name, after her marriage.
When she logs on to her computer an agent box appears stating she is authenticated as her prior name.
The options are to enter new credentials or disable the new account.
The new credentials do not work even though she has a user account on DLO under her new name.

We tried deleting her old AD name from DLO users, as well as the associated data store. Also checked reg settings to make sure the user name was associated with the correct user name. This happens on any machine she logs into.

This is the same issue described in the below links. Please advise.

2 Replies

You may try steps mentioned

You may try steps mentioned in technote :

Hope this helps.

Ideally  Deleting the user

Ideally  Deleting the user from the DLO console and adding it again shuld help .you can try removing the DLO client and reinstalling it again should help in this case.

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