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DLO error when user account name CHANGED

Level 4
We changed a users Active Directory account name, after her marriage.
When she logs on to her computer an agent box appears stating she is authenticated as her prior name.
The options are to enter new credentials or disable the new account.
The first option does not work and the second option is not acceptable.
I have a case open but have not received a call back.

Deleting the .settings, .DLO, registry keys locally and then the account from DLO did not work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Level 6
Employee Accredited

Have you removed and reinstalled the DLO agent on the desktop?  What version of Backup Exec are you using? 

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We had the same problem.  I found that uninstalling and reinstalling the DLO client AND deleting all files associated with the DLO that I could find did NOT fix the issue.  If you go back to the server, and delete the old username and agree to delete their files as well, then reinstall the DLO agent it will create their new backup account and fix their problem.

Level 4
I did uninstall the agent and delete the .DLO and .Settings folder for that user on the local machine.
I also checked the HKCU registry keys for a NUDF path.
I then Deleted the user from DLO and removed the NetworkUser Data Folder.
I added the user back to DLO and the same thing happened.
It also happenes if this user logs on to a computer that they have never logged onto before.